For Sea

Speak with me dear sister
for, just as the GreenMan speaks life into being, we can bring forth the verdant leaves of our future.

Sing with me lost sister
for, as our voices echo off the walls of dark caverns, we will follow them and find our way.

Cry with me sad sister
for the thunderstorms of our tears will rattle our window panes and rumble our walls.

Laugh with me silly sister
for the peals of our laughter will stave off our serious demons and even make them smile.

Work with me strong sister
for with our efforts combined we will pull each other out of the swamp and bring our effectiveness to bear on our world.

Paint with me beautiful sister
for, just as midwives usher life into the world, so we will birth the magic through our fingertips.

Dance with me graceful sister with steps lively and fast, sensual and slow, boorish and ugly, pleasing and fun,
for in our movements we will join with the energy of all beings past, present, future.

Love with me sweet sister
for with the compassion of our mother-hearts we can embrace the puzzles of our lives and of the world.

Live with me sacred sister
for if my experiences are spiced with your essence they will be treasured years well spent.

©2010 Annette Meserve

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