We stand in this perfect moment,
Our eyes and hearts dazzled
By the raw, crystal-diamond brilliance of it,
Sharing in the experience,
And in the creating of it,
Being changed.

But it will pass,
It has to
To make room for the next moment,
And the next.

Its brilliance will fade from our eyes
As we go about our mundanity
But our hearts will remember it,
And it will not be the only one.

We wear these moments just under our surface,
As a string of precious pearls under the fabric of our clothes,
Not in full view,
But touching our skin,
Reminding us that that perfection is possible,
Available to us whenever we choose,
With us always,
Warming our hearts,
Dazzling our spirits,
While our eyes read labels at the grocery store.

©2014 Annette Meserve

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