The Nazca Way

Be patient.
Things happen as they do.

People are not consistent beings,
People need different things every day.
For all to flourish,
We all must have those things that are important TODAY,
Even if they weren’t important yesterday,
Even if they won’t matter tomorrow.

Unless a life is threatened,
Or disaster is imminent,
Nothing NEEDS to be finished right now,
Unless it is ripe,
Unless it is ready,
Unless it is bursting forth with its potential,
Ready to share freely,
Ready to bless the world with its gifts.

Any goal that is accomplished,
Even if it is accomplished well,
If it is accomplished at the expense of people,
At the expense of their health,
Their futures,
Or their relationships,
It is not worth it.

We must be patient,
With circumstance,
With the people around us,
And with ourselves.
Together we will do great things…

In time.

©2014 Annette Meserve

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