All the Things She Isn’t

She isn’t a child any more
Though she’ll always be our kid
And we will always wonder
At how she’s grown from
A timid little faery
Who longed to be a warrior,
To the fierce young woman
You see before you now.

She isn’t without fear,
And the courage
With which she engages
The things that frighten her
Inspires bravery in those around her,
Inspires bravery in us.

She isn’t despairing,
Though she’s launching into a world
That presents far more challenges
Than it has ever before,
She sees the good,
She sees the possible,
And she’s willing to make the effort.

She isn’t self-sacrificing,
Reveling in the pleasures
And opportunities
This life offers,
Playing, and laughing, and climbing
Her way to strength
And well-being.

She isn’t ugly,
I mean,
Just look at those legs!

And she isn’t dumb,
I mean,
Just read those essays!

And now,
She isn’t a college student
Moving out into the future
Into the choices
And sorrows,
And joys.

But she also
Isn’t alone.

We are here,
We are with you

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