Words in the Snow

These days it’s rare to see crystals in the air, to feel the cold blast of winter on your face, to  be able to trace the footsteps behind you as you walk.  It’s so rare, in fact, that even in this country that is reputed to have deep snows by this time in the year, we make plans for travel and events willy-nilly as if road conditions have no sway on us.  In some circles this is more popularly known as ‘tempting the gods.’

And tempt them we did.

But, during this last Wednesday evening, whatever benevolent beings, or forces, or energies, or currents that govern such things seemed to only want to play with us a little.  Truly, since the inception of W&S, I have had a sense of universal support that is unique in my experience.

And so, as we piled into the car to travel the twenty miles or so, the Universe only threw a little snow, blew a little wind, swirled a little mist into our path.  We made it to the Greenhorn Valley Library at Colorado City, CO safely and with time to spare.

Set-up was easy, many hands make light work, and before we knew it cameras were rolling, microphones were mic-ing, and we spoke our first words for the audience to hear. While it was true that the weather had kept most people home, snuggled by fires with hot cocoa, a few brave souls came out to hear us and what was lacking in attendance was made up for in enthusiasm.  There was an energy in the air that led us along, enlivened our words and our performances, connected us with our listeners on that cold, snowy, mountain evening.

The magic was repeated the next night  at the Giodone Branch Library out on ‘The Mesa’ in Pueblo, CO.  While it wasn’t snowing, the cold had set in and, again, our crowd was not large, but it didn’t seem to matter to performer or receiver and we had a marvelous night.

Both evenings were filled with the words, images, and humor of Bob Spears, Cecelia Brownfoote’s deep connection to the generative forces of nature, Ann Williams’ dolphins, Jan Meserve’s spirit pottery, and my science fiction and musings on an unusual life.  Refreshments were consumed, friendly conversation was had and books were for sale.  All in all, I couldn’t have wished for a better, warmer, more successful kick-off to our W&S member readings.

Thanks to all who read, to all who helped, and special thanks to Amy Martin of Greenhorn Valley Library and Kayci Barnett and her assistant Deb of the Giodone Library for all their beautiful help and gentle guidance.

Above all, thanks to the gods for lending their sense of irony in delivering the one day in months in which snow flew and road conditions had to be considered.  It’s good to be reminded that we need humility.

2 thoughts on “Words in the Snow

  1. Ann Williams says:

    Many thanks to you Annette for all your heavy lifting in putting those lovely events together. Your bells, hot spiced cider, and welcoming personality blended into a resonant backdrop for our pieces.

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