art and poetry


It’s a no-brainer really, this collaboration.  It comes out of a partnership that began nearly 30 years ago, when I still thought that I was a visual artist.  Back then it seemed that he and I would be able to pair our techniques somehow.

We found lots of other ways to collaborate, building our lives, raising our children, holding hands to face the weirdnesses the world threw at us, but the art thing never worked out.  Maybe it was because all of the art I’d done my whole life was really waiting for me to discover that it was only training for this painting-with-words thing that I do now.

Maybe.  Whatever it is, I look at his work, at his colors and compositions filled at once with whimsy and seriousness, look at the wondrous spaces he creates on a random piece of cardboard, or the back of a supermarket sign, and my words. just. flow.

And it turns out that I’m not alone.  Our collaboration has been joined by another poet who sees things in Gordon’s work that even I don’t, whose words are filled with clear insight and beautiful description that comes from his love of nature, his search for his spiritual self, and his deep practice of t’ai chi.   Ramakrishna hails from England but the digital universe has given us a way to span the geography, bringing his unique voice together with ours into this presentation of art and poetry.

Our fledgling flight will happen on Saturday August 31st in the shadow of the Huajatollas in southern Colorado.  These twin mountain peaks appear in nearly every piece that Gordon does and the amphitheater at Lathrop State Park is the perfect place to launch the tour of our performance as we take Gordon’s show “Unrehearsed” and interpret it through my poetry and Ramakrishna’s in “by the seat of our pants”.

If you’re in Colorado, we’d love to see you in our audience this weekend!  Otherwise, stay tuned…

…later tour dates to follow and we’ll be releasing a full color collaborative book in the very near future.

4 thoughts on “art and poetry

  1. annette48 says:

    So great to see you here! Wish you could come to the program too! I’m not thinking Abiquiu is in my cards this year but we never can tell with these things. Maybe there’ll be a gig or two down there and I can stay with you!

  2. tami maisel says:

    Love it. Wish I could be there. Look forward to the book. Have not been to abiquiu fir two years. Determined to make it there this October. Keep in touch. Hugs

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